High Price Does Not Always Mean Quality


I recently bought a book about using things around your house as a beauty product .

One mistake I think a lot of people make is thinking that if you spend a lot of money on a product that it will work better .Now this is true sometimes but not all the time . I think that egg yolk face masks are the best !! I also use my olive cooking oil for an at home hot oil treatment. At the salon I use a wide range of quality products. I love nexxus & keracare products but there are less expensive brands that do just as well .

True story.

I once worked with a girl who used all of the same product line from a certain major black hair care line . I will not say what the name of the line is . I thought that she was a pretty good stylist but she relied too heavily on the ” magic” of  what she used . Well what she used did not do so hot on ALL of her clients & 1 of them started coming to me . I felt uncomfortable being put in the middle like that because I respected my co worker & did not want any beef . What she was using in this lady’s hair was too heavy . This lady had thin hair & this lady wanted body but could not get it because it was weighted down. On that 1st visit I shampooed her hair with a nexxus shampoo & roller set her hair with ONLY leave in conditioner . She is STILL my client to this day & its been 6 years . The leave in was a cheaper brand but it was light & gave her hair the freedom to MOVE & it also put a sheen on her hair. So no additional spray was needed .

The products being used are really only half of the story . If a stylist has no good techniques or skills then your gonna end up with a bad hair do . Also having experience with different hair textures lets you know that you cannot use everything on everybody . No matter what it costs .


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