Do Rags !

I cant stand to see my sistahs out in public wearing a scarf or do rag on their heads !!! We not making pancakes no more or takin care of white folks kids ( aka a mammy) !!

Let me school you trifling lookin heifers !

The image of the MAMMY is one of the most widely known and easily recognized stereotypes in American history. First mentioned in a travel narrative in 1810, the word “mammy” has been associated with a slave woman taking care of white children for centuries. With many depictions featuring the Mammy with her signature wide grin and large, white, shining teeth, AND HAIR COVERED IN A SCARF !!! Who does that make you visualize ladies ??? Aunt jemima ? Mrs. Buttersworth ?? Also, in relation to the concept of beauty, extremely large breasts and big ol ass  became common physical features of the Mammy. While these features are often viewed as the physical attributes which help to attract men, in the case of the Mammy, these features of exaggerated femininity merely helped to add to the comedic nature and encourage others to harshly critique and mock the Mammy.Kinda funny how NOW white folks pay big bucks for butt implants & big lips BUT ANnnnyway ! …….. Movin on ! Depicted often holding or caring for the children of her white master, the Mammy was placed in the precarious position of nurturing both her own black children and their future owners. Wearing drab clothing, common to slave women during the nineteenth century, the Mammy was against the corseted white woman for whom she was working. And finally, with the addition of the HEAD SCARF , the image of the black Mammy would be complete. This headscarf, or more commonly called a head rag, is believed to be a custom from Africa, as it was sometimes necessary for women to cover their heads for religious ceremonies and certain occasions . The inclusion of the head rag and its traces to Africa can be seen as an effort to further exclude these women from mainstream

So sistahs STOP THAT SHIT !!!!

If u in da bed. Fine. If u work in a kitchen. Fine . Around your house. Fine .

But wearing a scarf, do rag (whateva !) to your job in hospitals or any other public place mammyaunt jemimadoragLOOKS A MESS ! Please don’t think this is gonna “make your wrap last longer”. Which ‘ cha ghetto ass !


3 thoughts on “Do Rags !

  1. I ain’t never seenammy wear that do rag at the bottom. That’s some biker ish. Is mammy a biker now? That would be kinda dope to see Aunt Jemaima on a Harley…while she was eating pancakes.


  2. Oh & no disrespect to the pretty african head wraps or to those stylish sistas who create head wraps that are worn as an accessory . I was referring to heifers that wear wrap caps or wrap silk scarfs that are only suppose to be for worn sleeping.


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