Blonde Ambition

Everything that looks good sistas is NOT good for you !!

Didn’t your mama tell you that ?!

I am so sick & tired of seeing black women with fucked up hair color jobs !

If you cannot afford to go to a salon to get the hair color you want, LEAVE IT ALONE !

Buy a wig !

Hair coloring companies make a ton of money off of CHEAP women who wanna look glamorous on a poor man’s budget .

Some women do a pretty good job & some look horrible but STILL think they are looking fly!

Any real licensed cosmetologist KNOWS if you did your color at home or went to a salon .

I know it looks glam on celebrities but these people obviously have MONEY.

They can afford to pay top dollar for a good dye job & they visit the salon on a regular basis to maintain the health of their hair.

Sometimes it’s not even their hair . It’s a WIG , because they know how damaging a drastic blond all over job would do.

So please follow my advice sistas !

The reason that we as black women must be careful lightening our hair is because of relaxers .

Even the BEST relaxer dries your hair out a bit & weakens it . With proper care your hair can be healthy though . Especially if you visit the salon on a regular basis & do not use boxed relaxers.

When you combine bleach ( which is what makes your hair blond) & relaxed hair,that weakens the hair even more !

At my salon I will do highlights on relaxed hair depending on the individuals hair type. If the hair is thin or fine I WILL NOT give that person highlights ! If the hair is thick & strong or if the person has biracial hair I will do a partial highlight. Partial highlights are done in a certain spot of the head & not all over . I will never do an all over blond color job unless the client is NATURAL !!

Natural hair is not chemically altered therefore it can take bleach better & remain healthy looking. There is only 1 chemical service being done. When u combine 2 chemical services on a head of hair you are asking for trouble !

Does not matter if you are black or white.

This ladies’ hair was so fried she had to get hair fusion !

Hair fusion = A white girl’s sew in lol


White chicks need to be careful with curly perms ( perms ).

Oh , & by the way……

SISTAS STOP CALLING RELAXERS PERMS !!!!!! Ya’ll kill me with that ghetto shit !

If you know that you either cannot afford to keep up a blond do or are just not the type to go to a salon on the regular don’t go blond!

If you box perm your hair PLEASE , PLEASE don’t go blond ! It will fall out eventually & began to look tow up ! Trust me I have seen it too many times !

Get a wig & be happy !


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