Just Cuttin’ Up

Housewives of atlanta is a very popular show at the moment ! I get so many women coming into my salon asking for kandi burruss’s  or nene’s haircut .  


The short cropped haircut is timeless & will always be HOT ! HOT ! HOT !  


Short Cuts Offer an instant image change !


One of the reasons that make-over shows like to cut hair from long or medium to short is because it does make a huge difference and shows instant results.  Whether this is always a good thing or not, the bottom line is that it does show a dramatic change.  

Changing your hair is the easiest way to make a personal style statement & short hair adds SASS !!  

 Showing Off Great Features !  

 Having a long and slender neck is important for tv and film work.  

One way that actresses accentuate their long necks is with short haircuts.  A short style will instantly show off a beautiful neck, great ears or play up a gorgeous face.  

Up Keep !  

Of course there is one downside ( if you’re a penny pincher or cheap), short hair requires more frequent trips to the hairdresser for maintenance.  Even if you are growing out your short style, you will need to keep it trimmed and neat.  

  Making A Personal Statement ! 

How many chicks have you known that go through serious romantic drama & breakup and instantly change their hair? Cutting or completely altering your hair can definitely change your outlook.  It can also make a personal statement.  

Swagger !  

Having great self-confidence is definitely a plus for a short do.  

I certainly don’t recommend that anyone take drastic actions with the scissors to overcome a bad romance.  Cutting hair to change your image or to make your own statement about your personal style is a great option.  Just make sure that you are cutting your hair for the right reasons.  

  Dealing With Damage !  

From time to time I get a client with chewed up hair .Getting them to cut it is like pulling teeth ! In my opinion its a security blanket issue for some women. Also most women know that men love long hair & they want to appeal to them .  

Whatever the case maybe, if your hair is messed up do yourself a favor .CUT IT !!  

It happens to many of us at some point in our lives.Don’t feel ashamed. A chemical hair treatment fries our ends or the color never takes the way we had hoped.  While there are many options to living with stressed tresses, sometimes the collateral damage is sky high.  Going with a fresh new cut can often offer a brand new start and leave the high cost of maintaining a damaged do behind.  

  Following Fashion Trends !  

Short hair popularity ebbs and flows like everything in the world of fashion Opting for a short style that can be used as a canvas for experimenting with the latest colors or styles is always a great possibility.   

One of the reasons that models and acting professionals keep their own tresses short is because it allows them to live through hair coloring and other styling challenges without any long term problems.   




Before cut . Photo courtesy of Strawberry Strands Salon



After cut .



Before Cut . Photo courtesy of Strawberry Strands Salon  


After cut .  





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2 thoughts on “Just Cuttin’ Up

  1. I have just looked at ur page and that is one of my problem that i have, my hair is very damage and i dont know what to do and there is a lot of people in the area that say they know what to do but dont if u can make my grow i will love it and i would love to come in your shop on day just to talk and let u see if u can do something to this head of mind. i have been puttin relaxers in my head ever and a day i would like to stop but my hair get so bad and i have very dry hair. i hneed help bad


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