Black Don’t Crack !


True, black woman don’t age like white women. But we DO age . 

Really any person “of color” ages relatively slower/better than a person who’s fair-skinned . 

That extra melanin is our built-in sunscreen . 

But here are a few things that do happen as we age: 

* Pigmentation drama !!! 


Even a minor zit can leave an ugly dark brn/blk spot ! Ugh I hate that ! Our skin is often plagued with ” tone ” issues . Some women may have dark temples . Some may be darker around the mouth . Our skin tone gets more uneven as we age . 

>>Solution ? 

Visit a dermatologist who can prescribe you a good fade cream . Ain’t nobody tryna make you WHITE !! All the cream does is just fade that darker pigmented area . They sell some decent brands in the stores tho . Ambi,Aveeno Positively Radient , Neutrogena also has some good creams. 

<< More Invasive ? 

Get a chemical peel !! Go to the dermatologist for this for best results . 

* Dark Undereye Circles / Bags 

Lady with bags before surgery ....


After surgery !! Her ass needed that didn't she ? Lol !

Got Raccoon Eyes? GET CONCEALOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They say your eyes is where you age 1st . That skin is thinner & more delicate . I am so glad that I did not inherit the raccoon eyes !!! But I do have issues with bags . 

>>Solution ? 

Eye creams are a must past 25 even if you have no visibly signs of aging in that area yet . They can tighten skin & stimulate cell repair . Dark circles are much harder to treat . There are so many creams out there claim to lighten that area. They may help some but nothing will totally & permanently get rid of dark circles . I suggest keeping some good concealor on hand !!! It makes me cringe to see a chick with dark circles who wears NO CONCEALOR !! UGH !! Ya’ll be lookin hella bad !! You know who you are !! Buy some concealer girls & learn how to use it !! 

<<More Invasive ? 

Like I just said , concealor for the dark circles . But for bags there is botox . It will tighten that area up real nicely . I definitely plan to try that real soon myself . There is also blepharoplasty .This is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess  skin in the upper lids & the bags under the eyes . Blepharoplasty  surgery can lift sagging tissues into more youthful proportions. It can be part of a more general facial rejuvenation sculpture or done alone. 

*Chocolate Chip Cookie Moles 


Ugh I hate them !! I hate them !! Nothing says am old as hell like these pesky lil moles !! Not onl;y does age make em grow & multiply but pregnancy does too . They are mostly hereditary like the raccoon eyes ……. I am glad I inherited the moles tho lol . These moles are tiny raised spots also known as dermatosis papulosa nigra . 

>>>Solution ? 

Dermatosis papulosa nigra is a harmless condition commonly affecting the faces of black and sometimes Asian adults. The cause of dermatosis papulosa nigra is unknown, although about half of people affected have a family history of the disease. There are no creams or anything that you can buy in the store to treat them . BUT make up does help to cover them . I don’t have that many & they are small . I can hide mine but some women have loads of them . 

<<<More Invasive ? 

Freezing (cryosurgery), scraping (curettage), and burning (electrocautery) are all effective removal methods. I plan on getting mine scraped in the future . 

I will be 32 in march . My mother looks great for her age so am not worried . I do plan on having some tweaking done . I really want a rhinoplasty . But botox & mole scraping are the only things in my budget as of now lol . There is nothing wrong with wanting to look as good as you feel . Fuck aging gracefully !!


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