Straighten It Out



Some people call it creamy crack . Some people refer to it as a “perm”.


Relaxers are 1 of the top money makers in salons . 

I wish that people will stop calling a relaxer a ” perm ” ……………. It sounds so ghetto to me. 

Relaxers have been around for a LONG time ………… 

The conk hairdo is a hairstyle for African-American men which involves the use of a relaxer to straighten the hair. This hairstyle was immensely popular in the 1920s through the 1960s, before fading out as a result of a rise of interest in celebrating African heritage and the look of more naturally styled black hair. Conking is still offered at some salons. this relaxer was heavy on the lye, and it was probably quite uncomfortable to apply (THINK ABOUT THE SCENE IN MALCOLM X WHEN DENZEL PUT HIS HEAD IN THE TOILET Lol ). Modern relaxers are still quite caustic and sometimes very bad for the hair, because a very strong relaxer is needed to make a conk hairdo; the hair must also be repeatedly re-conked to keep it straight.


Most relaxers of today are alot safer for the hair though. 

5 reasons why you may have had a bad experience with chemical straighteners : 

#1. Doing it yourself or letting an unlicensed person do it . 

#2. Not getting regular retouches . 

#3. Not having your scalp based before you apply the chemical . 

#4. Using a super relaxer . Just because you are black & have kinky curly hair that does not mean you have to cook your scalp for it to work. 

#5 Letting the relaxer over lap . When doing a retouch that chemical should stay on the NEW GROWTH ONLY ! 

I see so many people going natural because they have had too many improperly done relaxers. 

And lets keep it real ……………. Some of ya’ll look a MESS natural !!



I had one girl tell me that she just wanted to see what her natural hair texture was like ………. 

NAPPY ! Lol ! Like she thought something special & magical was gonna happen to those naps ?! 

But don’t get me wrong . 

Natural hair can be beautiful too .

Spike lee’s sister joie lee



I have seen some women do wonders with their natural hair.


Every african american does not have the same texture of hair either ! Some of us just need “grease & water ” & then some of us NEED chemical assistance ! 

What I don’t understand is why go natural when you stay gettin it flat ironed all the time. You say you want “natural ” hair but you style it to be straight 24-7. You think that you are being healthy but all that heat is doing you no good . You could have kept getting ” Bad Perms ” in that case. You can still have healthy chemical treated hair ! NEWSFLASH ! If you are putting color in it & using alot of heat on your hair…ITS STILL CHEMICALLY ALTERED & IN DANGER OF BEING UNHEALTHY !! Unless you wanna rock a fro or dreads (uncolored) you are not truly natural. 

Find a good stylist who will properly straighten your hair. 

Go to them every 2 weeks & buy the right products to help hydrate & maintain your hair. 

Relaxers don’t kill hair . People kill hair . 



3 thoughts on “Straighten It Out

  1. I loved what you wrote. I actually started a Facebook page a few months ago because of people thinking that they are so holy because they have a natural. If you are constantly applying heat and using the same products that I use with my relaxer, then you should have just keep the relaxer. I loved reading your blog entry. 🙂


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