Get It Right ! Get It Tight !


^Me after loosing 27 lbs over a 7 month period^

Sometimes when I read what my FB friends R cooking I feel like I’m bout 2 have a heart attack !!

Everything might be all good now that we are young but eating all that garbage will hurt u in the long haul !

Fat, many say, is the heart of soul food .

Collard greens. It tastes better with the pork fat, but it’s not as good for you.

 Fried chicken? Do oven-fried chicken ! Use Special K ,different herbs, oregano and garlic powder. Mix in a food processor. Dip chicken in plain yogurt to give it some thickness. And then I pat it down with seasons.Oh & take the skin off the chicken !!!

Now I know good & well some of yall reading this are like , WHATEVA !!!!

Cancer due to obesity is the latest disease on the rise! Most obese people acknowledge the danger, but they aint doin nothing to lower their risk.

 The most well known risk is heart disease which affects a large percentage of obese people each year. The biggest problem with diseases related to is getting people to actually do something to prevent those diseases from affecting them. . People are still eating whatever they want thinking that they’ll be one of the people who aren’t affected.

The  blindness that surrounds the danger of obesity is mainly prevalent in those who suffer from obesity.

Some people think its cute to look out of shape. You don’t have to look stank & funky to be “THICK” or have a fat booty !!  

 It may take 2 minutes to eat a 350-calorie piece of cake, but someone who weighs 100 pounds would need to walk for more than 2 hours to burn it off. If you grab a burger, fries, and milkshake  and your body doesn’t need those calories, you’d have to spend the rest of the day on the treadmill walking it off.

That’s why the best approach to getting into shape is both eating right AND working out ! Eat healthy meals and snacks, be aware of portion sizes, and aim for at least 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity.


2 thoughts on “Get It Right ! Get It Tight !

  1. BRAVO!…You look amazing! I have always been self conscience of my weight- I think i may be border line OCD when it come to my appearance. I would go on these crazy fad diets starving myself to the point to where i felt faint and light headed on a daily basis- but i looked good!… About three years ago i started working out with a private trainer who help me adapt to eating healthy. Three years later i have adopted and maintained a healthy life style. Ive always been a fan of vegetables and fresh fruit (not a big meat eater) so this was a piece of cake. Took some disciplinary measures to make it work…But i look and feel great!!!!!! I got it right! and keepin it tight!!!! Thanks Erica


    1. Thanx Ursula for the comment !! I think u look great girl !! Very stylish & classy !! The older we get the more work we gotta put in 2 keep ourselves up !! It’s a pain sometimes but the rewards are make it so worth while 🙂


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