Coarse & Curly ~


Most african americans have coarse & curly hair.

It can have 12 times as many twists as regular (Caucasian) curly hair. Some refer to this as ” Nappy Hair “. When the curl pattern is a bit looser & not as tight people may refer to it as “good hair”.

Thick hair fibers & tight curls also trap oils at the roots, leaving some scalps dry & itchy.

Hydration is key ! Start using leave in conditioners .

 Sleep on silk pillow cases or cover with a silky scarf. This will reduce breakage.

Treat yourself to a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment once a month.

Opt for wide tooth, snag-free combs.

Limit heat styling !

No matter if your hair is curly,natural or straight,GET A GOOD CUT !


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