Hot ! Hot ! Hot !

Hot temperatures can make it tough to stay fly in summer. Here are a few tips:-)



1. Try a slick ponytail . A deep-side part looks fresh and modern & is easy to do . To prevent flyaways, spritz with hairspray or use a gel or pomade. Accessorize ! Big earrings can jazz up any hairstyle !

2. BRAIDS !! I am a big fan of braids during the summer time!! If you are looking for a cool sweat proof do go for braids !

3. A fly cut . Haircuts are also a plus during the summer time ! I do a lot of cutting when the temps go up. You don’t have to go ultra short . Most clients really just want some hair off their neck.


1. First drink LOADS of water !!

2.  Glow !Keep your skin looking good !   If you don’t have an exfoliant, make your own by moistening ½ cup of sugar with olive or sunflower oil. Use small circles to slough away dead cells and reveal new layers of skin. Or, try a mask of four to six aspirin crushed into a paste with water. Let dry, rinse and reveal the new you!

3. Minimal Makeup .

Tinted moisturizer & lip gloss are a plus ! A little pressed powder would not hurt either.Just try to keep your make up LIGHT .


Enjoy your summer girls !!


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