Long Hair Don’t Care

Just because your hair is long that does not mean you are confined to a ponytail .



This look can be achieved through a blowout or just flat ironing . Use a product specifically for sleeker looks. On african american hair, this look can be done via a blowout also.Hair then can be wrapped in a silky scarf at night.

Bedhead is a very popular look . For this look the model’s hair was braided while damp & allowed to air dry. Braids were un raveled & the crown was then flat ironed . A light shine spray was applied.On african american hair,you can use an alcohol-free mousse for a scrunched look. While hair is damp scrunch in the mousse & diffuser dry your hair. Just put the funny looking nozzle on your blowdryer & scrunch.You should not feel a direct blast of air with the diffuser on.Diffuser dry your hair for 10min then let curls dry naturally.

For this look , all hair types will need a large barrel curling iron . Hair is blown dry & flat ironed at the crown. Large sections are wrapped around the curling iron & sprayed with holding spray.

All these looks are pretty simple ! So if you have really long hair you should try them ! Why have all that hair only to keep it pulled back all the time?!


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