It Ain’t Hard To Tell

Everyone wants to find that salon or stylist that can meet their every beauty need . People want great prices & excellent service . They want to be in & out & not spend an entire day in the chair .

There is nothing wrong with wanting these things . The salon should STRIVE to meet these needs .

The reality of the situation though is that just like ppl are not PERFECT nor is any beauty salon .

I have worked in places where the stylist had an AMAZING attitude & was very popular BUT could not do hair well . Ppl STILL came to her & spent their money though . She had game ! At times I wondered if she wasn’t putting roots on ppl though lol smh .

Then you have those stylist that are great ” weave -ticians ” but can’t care for a person’s REAL hair . You have NO edges . Your hair ALWAYS sheds . When you ask for a cut there is always an excuse or flat-out refusal (Cause they don’t know HOW to cut hair ! ) .

Some stylist may come across as nasty & make you wait all day but your hair is always on point.

Such is life ! You can’t always have everything that you want . Just like I realize that as a stylist, I can’t make ALL the ppl happy ALL the time .

Some ppl throw a tantrum & give up on salons & take to tearing their heads up at home smh lol . OR they go natural .

If a salon / stylist are good at what they do & are doing well business wise it ain’t hard to tell .

Ppl should focus on the quality of their hair care & cleanliness of the salon .

Nobody is perfect & we all have our bad days . Be realistic & not a petty diva .

If the stylist has a wide range of skills & 9 outta 10 of their clients hair is in great shape give em some credit !


Does the salon have a professional website ? Is the salon located in a decent neighborhood ? Is the salon clean at all times ? Do they have a good grade from state board ? Do they dress professional ? What shape is their hair in ?

We ask questions & search for answers that are right in front of us . A lot of ppl want 5 star service but don’t want to pay for it . Some salon patrons focus on all the wrong things & make things hard for themselves .

You complain about having to wait . Have you ever made an appointment & not called to cancel it or did so right at the last minute ? Have you ever been an hour late for an appointment ?

Some salons overbook because they know that they can not always count on 50% of the ppl who randomly call for an appointment .

I am not saying that this practice is fair to EVERYONE but it happens . If you have ever done this to a stylist think about the ppl that you may have affected who may had to wait .

You can’t be RUDE & talk disrespectfully to someone & get their BEST . Even the nicest stylist won’t put up with that . We are human too .

Some ppl attract the type of stylist that most suits them . Ever mistakenly been in a ” ghetto salon ” & felt out-of-place ? Maybe you were new in town & did not know any better . No one seemed to feel uncomfortable but you though . I think that there is a salon for every type of person lol . Like attracts like .

Shuckin & jivin should not be a requirement for a great salon or stylist . Half the ppl that do that are FAKE anyway & probably talk about you as soon as you walk out the door . Trust me I have seen it lol !

The proof is in the pudding !

Get out of your own way & really look at the quality of the business & the ppl that frequent there . You can’t always look at longevity or what is “popular” . That does not mean YOU will be happy there . There are good salons & stylist out there ! Focus on what is important & you will be able to find one .


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