Happy To Be Nappy ?

This is going to be my LAST blog on natural hair !!! SMH lol !!!

I am so tired of talking about it ! Lol !

First off  . . . . .


Natural hair is NOT BETTER than relaxed hair & vice versa .

A lot of these ” natural fanatics ” were traumatized by stylist who didn’t know what they were doing. Some by ” kitchen beauticians ” & their box perms .

It is possible to have healthy hair with a relaxer . As long as you visit a salon on a regular basis & maintain your hair well at home .

My main gripe is these women who are so into being natural but they don’t embrace REAL NATURAL STYLES ?! Where they do that at ??!!


If you are going to be natural you should not have a problem wearing an afro, or two strand twist set , locs , etc.

Double strand twists

 Your edges being a lil fuzzy should also not bother you . If you are constantly trying to change the texture you were born with WHY are you natural ? If you ALWAYS want to wear it like it was when you were relaxed why did you ever switch ?? What was the point in that ?!

Beautiful natural style !



Some ppl are allergic to relaxers & I understand that .

My second gripe is , I feel some ppl are just cheap & lazy .

If you want healthy hair that is always nicely groomed you will always need a stylist . Natural or not . Also , you will still have to actually DO YOUR HAIR . Depending on how you want to look & maintain your hair,it will always require some maintence.

I also believe the texture of a person’s hair affects how they will adjust to being natural . All black folks were not born with the same thickness & texture of hair. You may have gotten a relaxer at a young age . Then your hair was kinky aka ” Nappy “. Guess what ? It’s STILL going to be that way for life . Just because you decided to ” Go natural ” that does not mean you now have different hair .

I am not againist ppl being natural (I was natural in 2001) . I just get annoyed by some women who think that natural is better but they don’t really understand what it fully means to be natural.

You will still need to visit the salon for trims,maintence & styling .

You can still have damaged hair .

 Too much heat,tight braids & hair color will damage your hair also .

OKAY  . . . . I’m done ranting lol !  I don’t have an issue with natural hair at all ! Just know that it is not BETTER  thats all I’m sayin .


One thought on “Happy To Be Nappy ?

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