So You Think You Can Model ?

I think every female goes through a ” Model-Wanna-Be-Phase ” at some point in her life.

I went through it when I was 14. I thought if the modeling scouts thought I was pretty , then I really must be ! I think its wise to say that when you’re an adolescent your more prone to self-esteem issues.

I can understand  a teenager or even a young woman in her 20’s going through this phase .

I’m not an expert on WHO can model or whose beautiful or whose not. However the word : MODEL seems to be on everyone’s twitter,facebook etc. I just laugh because 90% of these woman are in no way model material ! I think its important for women to know that you don’t need that title to feel like you are attractive or special. You don’t need that title to be HOT . You can be an average jane doe & STILL be considered HOT.You should not feel like you need to get BUTTER BALL NAKED to attract attention.Being half naked on the net does not make you a model .

While the criteria to become a model varies according to the type of modeling, a few standards are required of all models. . . . .
Models typically need to have clear skin, healthy hair and good teeth. Most models also have a toned physique.
Editorial and high fashion runway models have the strictest criteria. Women have to be at least 5 feet 8 inches tall, have a thin build with hips measuring no larger than 35 inches and be between the ages of 16 to 26. 

Plus size models are held to the same strict standards as other fashion models except they are larger in size, wearing between a 10 to 18/20. Most plus size models fall between sizes 12 to 16. They must be at least 5 feet 8 inches tall and are height/weight proportionate; the shorter the model, the smaller her dress size must be.
Models (especially editorial and in-demand plus models) are often required to live near a major fashion city. One may need to relocate to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami.
When I was 15 I was employed by a small modeling agency in charlotte. I also went to the John Casablanca modeling school in Raleigh,NC . I was only 5,5 at the time 135lbs.I knew that I would never be a Tyra Banks because of my height & “look”. The agency was not trying to sell me a dream . Most of these “modeling searches” do just that & take people’s money ! Most shorter,average looking models do print modeling . Parts modeling & hair modeling are also an option. I out grew this phase by age 18 . Being a “Model” is no longer a big deal to me because EVERYBODY says that they are! I don’t wanna be in that lame bunch lol smh . REAL models don’t do most of the attention seeking stuff wanna-bes do . Real models don’t wear make up & have their hair done  unless they are doing a job. They have nice fresh skin & healthy hair. Real models don’t shove their occupation down everybody’s throats . They are confident & cool enough to know that’s not necessary . Real models don’t pay for their photo shoots . Real models don’t get butt naked for the world for FREE . Real models don’t complain about how their hair & make up is done when they do a job . Probably because IT’S JUST A JOB. They know they are selling an image or product & getting paid to do this. Real models DO GET AIR BRUSHED & PHOTO SHOPPED . That has been going on since before  the rest of the world learned how to do it! You still need the raw material to begin with though .

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