Editor’s Pick : Top Natural Haircare Product Lines

More & more woman are choosing to go natural .

Some thought it would be EASIER only to find that finding  styles & products are a challenge !

I encourage women to GOOGLE their tails off in search of information !

I never thought I’d become a somewhat of a natural hair specialist smh lol . People would drive me crazy with their online natural hair debates lol !

Now , since I have noticed that there is such a BIG market for natural hair I offer natural hair services.

Here are some product lines I have tried :

Taliah Waajid

This product line can be found at some beauty supply stores . I have purchased it at the bronner bros. hair show in Atlanta,GA .

You can purchase it online at : http://www.naturalhair.org/

Carols Daughter

I can’t seem to find carols daughter products in any of my local beauty supply stores . So I go online .


Mixed Chicks


Miss Jessies

I order online



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