I have been a hair stylist for about 11 years professionally & it has not been easy .

I am in no way complaining because I kinda like a challenge . I am grateful . I love to work hard & ” feel the burn”. But it is equally fulfilling when god puts the right people & opportunities in your path/grasp . A lot of what has gotten me to this point in my career is hard work but I’ve also been blessed by various mentors/samaritans  . I try to give back myself also . If you give you most definitely will receive it back in abundance !

But there will be MANY times when people don’t want to help/support you . People seem to wanna help you the most after you have “made it”. They want to see & hear that you are worth it . I have had people look at me like I was the lamest thing ever. Once my voice was on the radio & I had a tv commercial those looks reversed . I never knew how superficial & fake the world was until I became a business owner lol smh . Its like high school all over again . People treat you good when you wear name brand clothes or hang around the “cool” people. But you can be that same person & wear hand me downs & only have 3 close friends & you aint ish ?!

You have to believe in your own power to change your life . You have to believe it when you are broke & on your last . You have to believe it when people will not return your calls or text messages . Eventually people will fall over themselves to be affiliated with you . But you have to start somewhere to get there . I think this is why it seems hopeless to some people to get where they want to be . It takes something to get something . It takes money to make money . Well what if you come from NOTHING ?

You  have to see yourself as already being “there“. It’s just going to take time for everyone else to see it ! But there are people out there who will see your potential while you are still struggling & these are the people who mean the most !  And then you have the people who shout your praises but just as long as you don’t get too successful . I’ve had people not refer people or opportunities to me because they were jealous & don’t want no one to out do them smh . I hate to sound pessimistic but at the end of the day all you have is yourself & the lord ! But I do believe that he works through people to be a blessing to others . I try to be the support & help to people that I want others to be to me .


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