Painting Faces

Feels good to finally get paid for another one of my passions . . . . .


Getting work as a freelance artist with no real guidance or mentors is a real leap of faith !

Of course my career as a hair stylist helps . There use to be a time when cosmetics were mostly aimed at a fair-skinned market . African American women had few resources. The foundations and powders that were available at the time often left women with darker skin looking ashy . Now the cosmetics market has exploded with products geared toward women of all shades.

Everyone seems to be crazy about mac cosmetics . Mac is GOOD but there are many other great high quality brands out there ! Even wet n wild is tryna step their game up lol !!! As a professional artist I like to use, make up forever ,smash box , stila ,Iman (Just to name a few ) .

Make up services seem to be a lil harder to market to the average woman . Unless its prom time or someone is getting married . And living in a small time makes it even WORSE ! Travel is definitely imminent !


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