Thin Is In

One of the many hair issues that people come in my salon with is THIN HAIR .

Some people are born with thin hair.Some people have thin hair due to certain health issues. Some people’s hair has thinned because of birth control . Age is another factor when it comes to having thin hair .

Honestly , for some people , there is simply nothing that you can do . Sure , there are millions of products for thin hair . They work for some people & not for others . It can also get pretty expensive  to buy countless products for thin hair. The more you pile on though , the more you weight down that hair strand . That takes you back to square one .

If you have thin hair & you want it to look fuller, I suggest a nice cut . That is your least expensive option .You don’t have to cut all of your hair off though . The less weight you have on your hair the more it springs up . That gives you the illusion of thickness & volume . If you have long hair past your shoulders & its thin , try adding some layers . Layers ( if cut right ) do not drastically change length . A mid length bob is also a cute option . The less weight on your strands the fuller & airier it will be .

I have never understood the big deal with people being obsessed with long hair. Just because its flowing down your back that does not make you beautiful. CONFIDENCE is what makes a person attractive! What is the use of pretty long hair if it’s always pulled back ( security blanket)?

Below are stock images of cuts that would be great options if you have thin hair . None of them are very short . ANYONE CAN WEAR THESE CUTS, by the way. ANY HAIR TEXTURE .

Long hair with long layers
Shoulder length bob with long layers
Asymmetrical bob . No layers
Shoulder length cut with layers

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