Get Off Your Booty !

Everybody gets a lil slack & stagnant every once in a while . Complacency is the death of productivity ! I am constantly on the hunt for a lil motivation . I could use MORE money & MORE freelance career opportunities . This may sound cynical but negative things motivate me . It could be hearing gossip about me or being turned down for something that I want . It could be gaining 5 lbs or someone telling me that something won’t work . My anger immediately turns into me working harder to piss people off & burst a few bubbles lol ! I love making liars out of folk 🙂 !

I’m sure you are wondering what in blue blazes this has to do with hair or beauty ?!

Well, when you are up & moving & making things happen you LOOK BETTER & you FEEL BETTER ! Your skin glows , you weigh less !

What are you passionate about ? Making scrap books ? Diaper cakes ? Working out ? Or is it that you want to be more active but can’t part from the couch ?

Take up a cause. If you’re concerned about battered women, go to the shelter & find out how you can help. Mentor a child . Get a hobby.

Start exercising ! Speaking of getting motivated, I know this 1 can be hard lol ! The cool thing about working out on a regular basis is that you’ll get such an amazing energy boost ! What ever you choose to do to get moving,start by doing little by little . 15 min here , 10 min there .



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