Coiffed & Cool

Aaah ! Summer time  !  No school , longer days , &  frequent visits to the pool . Not to mention hair that is dry, frizzy or brittle (from the chlorine that is in that pool) ! Or sweating out that nice blow out at the family cook out after only a few hours outside.

This is me with a short cut in summer of 2009 . This type of style is GREAT during the summer !

Here are some tips to keep your hair coiffed & cool during this season of sizzle !

1. Drink lots of water to keep yourself and your hair hydrated.

2. Now is the time to try different styles ! Braids , short cut , ponytails , buns , & updo’s hold up great in the heat !

3. Before getting in the pool,  coat the hair with either a moisturizer or conditioner . Wear a swim cap, and wash the hair as soon as possible after exiting the pool.

4. Try to find hair care products with sunblock in them.

5 . Use a leave in conditioner daily to coat the hair & to serve as a protective barrier. Chemically processed hair combined with exposure to the summer sun results in brittleness, color change and breakage

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