Light & Lively

Flaxen tresses are the rage right now ! From platinum to buttery light brown hues !

eva marcille
Lil Mama
Selita Ebanks

All of us can’t rock these high maintenance, celebrity blonde locks . They have the money & constant access to quality hair care . Not to mention a color as light as eva marcille’s will leave your hair brittle , or with no hair at all . If you’re natural ( don’t have a relaxer or perm ), I say GO FOR IT ! Here are some tips though if you decide not to rock a wig (ala lil mama) or use clip in pieces.

Use a leave in conditioner & condition regularly with an intensive conditioner to restore moisture, luster and shine . Clip in pieces in the shade of your choice are also a great fool-proof option . If you do decide to take the color plunge please visit a salon to avoid hair loss or orange tresses ! Shampoos should also be gentle and designed for damaged or processed hair.Using a purple shampoo/conditioner ( simply silver or shimmer lights) will effectively neutralize brassy tones in the hair.

Please don’t be CHEAP though & do your own color ! Trust me it’s not worth it !


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