Do You !

Everybody can’t do or wear everything . . .

As a teenager I was a magazine junkie ! I loved Allure,Elle,Glamour,Marie Claire,Essence, just to name a few . Kate moss  & tyra banks were the top models of that time, featured in just about every issue . This was in the early to mid 90’s . I was 5 ft 5 1/2 inches tall & weighed 138 lbs . Far from the size & height of a high fashion model . I still tried to emulate every trend I saw in those magazines . Music videos were also a source of inspiration for me . From age 15 up until age 25 I was a wanna be fashionista . Luckily, with age comes more confidence and a certain new awareness of your body and who you are  . I no longer dress to try & look  just like celebrities . I view magazines & videos for style inspiration now . I realize that I have an hour-glass figure & an oblong shaped face . In my late 20’s I began to wear the right make up & clothes that fit ME . I was 10 lbs thicker.  I guess my metabolism had dropped some because now I had a little muffin top.   No more baby tees & wearing size 9 jeans without a belt . One of my favorite shows around this time was sex & the city . I loved the hair,make up & clothing trends that were featured on that show . However , nobody on that show looked anything like me . I am a black woman with an ample butt & equally ample boobs & hips .

You can stay on top of the latest trends without looking foolish by simply knowing what works for you. These days there are more celebrities that look just like you & me . Reality tv is FULL of them ! It’s not hard to spot a size 12 or size 16 model or actress in the magazines these days . If their body type is similar to yours use them as a style reference . Visit a make up counter and get your face done to learn your face shape . You should also get tips on what shades look best on you . Go get professionally fitted for a bra . Take note of your weight & height at your next dr. appointment. Know your body and be proud of who you are !

Amber Riley always wears the latest trends to suit her own unique figure . Here she wears a printed dress,which is all the rage right now !
Fashionably forward jill scott rockin the latest trends from HEAD TO TOE !
Take note of how queen latifah properly wears leggings and shes not a size 6 !


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