Summer 2011 Trends

Seems like the older you get the more relaxed you get.You become more confident in your own skin and began to care less and less about trends.I see why some older woman look as though they are in a time warp ! Then there is the drop in metabolism ! Good bye daisy dukes and belly shirts ! When you get past a certain age you have to work harder to stay sexy and current ! Kids & jobs are the main priority now.You no longer have time to study music videos to see what the latest styles are.No more posting up at the club every weekend til 2am. Those things have fallen by the wayside honey! So I see now why it’s so easy for some to “fall off”! Hopefully this blog will give you some refreshment lol !

Nothing upgrades you like a cute cut & some hair color ! This asymmetrical bob and highlights are right on point !

Serena is pitching everything from tampons to nail polish ! GO HEAD GIRL ! MAKE THAT MONEY ! The shattered look is another fly trend !


Zoe saldana is everywhere these days ! She can pull off this blue eye shadow because she kept it close to the top of her lid.Totally classy, and so RIGHT NOW !
Right now janet is rocking what looks like a half wig. Spirals and wild looking curls are all the rage right now .
Pair neutrals and nudes the next time you put an outfit together ! Updates you instantly !

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