Having Low Blood Can Affect Your hair

If you feel that you are doing everything right by your hair and its STILL not doing right, the cause may be internal .You are what you eat !

Funny how people buy all these beauty products but won’t buy a bottle of vitamins ?

Hair is thin at the top .

Why does a lack of iron cause our hair to fall out? Anemia causes you to have a low blood count and a less effective circulatory system. As a result, hair follicles do not receive the necessary quantity of oxygen supply and nourishment, which causes them to thin and fall out over time. The most common form of anemia is iron deficiency anemia. We woman in particular, are susceptible to iron deficiency due to the regular loss of iron rich blood during our period . Some symptoms of having low blood are :

  • Rapid hair loss
  • Weight loss
  • Pale appearance
  • Spoon shaped nails
  • Depression
  • Change of hair color to a lighter shade
  • Excessive dryness of hair

 Alcohol abuse also reduces the availability of iron in the body. Even slightly low levels of iron can cause diffuse hair loss. I am constantly on the go and busy at the salon,doing photo shoots. So my main beverages are usually coffee and various energy drinks to keep me going. However, heavy consumption of caffeine  reduces the net availability of iron supplied through food.

V8's are a great source of iron ! I Often drink them when I'm too busy to eat a proper meal .

So I’m not surprised that I have low blood! I take an iron pill along with my regular multivitamin. I have noticed a difference in my hair and energy level. I also try to eat iron rich foods such as: turkey,chicken,eggs and raisins. Beans,broccoli and almonds are my other favorite iron rich foods.

Eat your veggies !!!!


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