Having Fibroids is Not The End Of The World !

Fibroids are NON CANCEROUS tumors that are very common and affect over 50% of women.Most causes of fibroids are from high levels of estrogen combined with low levels of progesterone.Some women don’t even know that they have them.They affect every women in different ways.Some women have tumors that grow very slowly, are small and cause no problems.Some women have 1 very large tumor,as big as a grapefruit, that causes a lot of pain.

I found out I had fibroids the summer of 2009.The common symptoms had started long before but I just didn’t realize it.Mine weren’t very large but I had a lot of them.I had a myomectomy a few months later and have felt a lot better ever since.Myomectomy is the surgical removal of fibroids from the uterus. It allows the uterus to be left in place.If you have not had kids yet and want some this is an option for you.

Many women (like myself) are waiting later to have kids these days.Usually these are career driven woman who have taken extra precaution with their birth control methods for years.They want to be secure financially & romantically before starting a family.HOWEVER, having fibroids  complicates things for us because we have not had kids yet. I was lucky that having a myomectomy was an option for me. Depending on the size and location of the tumors, some women are faced with different options from mine.Some have to have a partial or full hysterectomy. As long as you have a uterus you can develop fibroids.Which means that even with the surgery that I had done,they can grow back.I have had to do lots of research on my own about fibroids.Doctors and nurses can answer a lot of your questions but online research helped me the most!

Some familiar symptoms of fibroids are:

Abnormally heavy periods

Pelvic pressure

Protruding stomach

Feeling Tired/anemia

Here are some great health habits to develop NOW to decrease or maybe prevent fibroid symptoms.

Avoid red meat and dairy products; they contain high levels of dioxin, known to act like environmental estrogens.

Sugar, caffeine, and alcohol should also be avoided; they can cause more pain due to their inflammatory effects.

Herbal remedies provide many benefits including the balancing of hormonal levels, reducing inflammation, and restricting the tumor growth.Vitex fruit herbal supplements are a great option ! I take 2 everyday.

Eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables,fish and beans is also beneficial.

Exercise is also very important!

Take an iron supplement.

Keep yearly check ups & monitor your uterus (via ultrasound xrays do not detct fibroids well)

Above all things please consult a doctor who may offer additional options.I can’t speak for anyone’s health but my own and I am doing well.


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