Top 5 Low Priced Products For Biracial Hair

I get a lot of calls & emails about biracial hair.

How to manage it and what products to use. There are MANY great products out there.With today’s economy however, clients want to get the most for their money. Here are 5 reasonably priced products. Some of these products I’ve used and some were highly recommended by others.

Coconut oil is great for little girls with either natural or biracial hair. Apply a little to clean, damp hair.Hair can be smoothed  up into ponytails or braided.Adults can also use this to add moisture & shine to their curls.This is a pretty cheap product but I know many people with BEAUTIFUL HAIR who swear by it !

Cholesterol is a very thick,rich conditioner.It works great when you let it sit with a plastic cap for 30 min.If you like to wear your hair curly,this will eliminate frizz and make your curls look DIVINE!Make sure you rinse this out well.

Creme of nature shampoo is 1 of the mildest shampoos around.Great for natural and biracial hair!It Softens and moisturizes.

Frizz ease’s whole line works well on biracial hair and can be found in most drug stores.

Chi silk infusion is a little pricier than the other products.If you like a sleeker look,this is great to use.This is a great product to use when flat ironing.


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