Tressed To Impress

So many formal events take place in the summer and early fall.Prom, in the early part of summer.Class reunions,military balls.Also,last but not least, WEDDINGS!

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Formal look with EDGE !

Many women look forward to these special occasions to dress up!But are confused about what to do with their hair.A  trick for those of you overwhelmed with hair style choices is to mimic a celebrity look.There are a bevy of fashion and hair magazines out there to choose from.Online photo galleries and catalogs are another option. Hairstyles should coordinate with your dress and the whole attitude of your look.

Updo's are a very popular formal hair style!
Ponytails can also be glammed up for a formal occasion.
Want a slightly edgey different formal look? Its all about the accessories!

Try out a few hairstyles in advance, whether you, a friend or a hairstylist crafts them.I strongly suggest this for a bride to be!Brides obsess about their hair almost as much as their gown.


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