Temporarily Straightening Natural Hair

Straightening natural hair ( African american hair that is not chemically straightened) can be damage free and easy!

Blow outs are the best way to temporarily straighten naturally curly hair safely. A good blowout can last several days on coarse,kinky hair.On hair that is not so coarse, maybe a week.The total time it takes to get a blow out done is 45 minutes to an hour.But that also depends on thickness and hair length.

Hair has been shampooed & conditioned.

 Blot hair, never rub with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. A  blowout can’t be done on super wet hair or it will take forever.

Hair is parted in small sections and blown out with a round brush.

Now if your thinking about trying to blow out your own hair,MORE POWER TO YOU! Lol,its not as easy as it looks or sounds.You can’t see all over your head and you will have to keep your arms up a lot.Your arms will get tired and sleepy and you will be in the mirror for hours!Go to a salon and have this done properly and a lot quicker.Make sure that the stylist uses a round brush with BOAR BRISTLES.Never plastic bristles!That is a cheap brush & may break your hair off.

A good styling product is also key to the perfect blowout.Foam wrap or leave in conditioner can be used.These  add body,shine and keep frizz at bay.Weigh down random frizzy bits with a shine serum or balm. Skip this step if you have limp, oily hair.

The Finished look !
After !

 To keep your blow out fresh,try to use minimal product.A little shine serum or oil sheen every other day is okay.Keep the hair wrapped over night in a silky scarf.


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