Humidity Friendly Hair:10 Ways to Beat the Humidity

Where you live,seasonal rains and temperature changes can cause humidity to rise, which causes  frizzy and flat hair.Humidity also comes from cooking moisture and hot bath or shower vapor.

Here are 10 helpful tips to prolong the life of your style in humid weather.

1. Spray a bit of holding spray at your roots

2. When your hair fuzzes up during the day, smooth a little hand lotion over the frizzy areas.

3. Depending on your hair texture,style your hair with coconut oil.It is a natural anti-humectant.

4. Take the least path of resistance lol!Wear your hair curly.Apply anti-frizz serum while your hair is still wet.Scrunch and lightly diffuser dry hair.You can also let your curls air dry and try to avoid touching your locks, that will actually create frizz.

5. Use an anti-humidity cocktail of equal parts leave-in conditioner, medium-hold gel.

6. USE LOTS OF PRODUCT (gel, hair gloss, whatever).

7. Apply a small amount of  conditioner, rub it  between palms, run it through your dry hair, and style as usual.

8. Wear a sleek and stylish ponytail,braids or a bun.

9. Keep your hair longer during humid months. The weight of  longer strands will keep it from puffing out as bad.

10. Use a smoothing shampoo and deep conditioner designed to prep hair for straighter looks.If you deep condition, your hair will already be hydrated, so it won’t puff out as much to get moisture.


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