Kickin Afrolistics

Is the fro making a comeback?!

Then . . .


The afro was worn as early as the 1860s.The style was worn by the Circassian beauties, sometimes known as “Moss-haired girls”, a group of women exhibited in sideshow attractions in the United States by P.T.Barnum.

Nicki Minaj

Natural hair is all the rage right now and is being worn in an array of styles.The afro is one of those styles that I am starting to see a lot of lately.In fact,the afro style use to be referred to as, “a natural”.

Tempest Bledsoe

Solange Knowles

Popular in the 60’s,70’s,and early 80’s the hairstyle brought a renewed sense of identity to the African American community.

To some, the Afro also represented a cultural link to Africa.The afro was not popular with older blacks at that time.Natural hairstyles use to be considered ugly or offensive and therefore black people would conk or relax (also known as a perm) their hair to attain a texture that was similar to white hair.


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