Growing Out Your Summer Cut

Are you wrestling with that (once fly) hair cut you got earlier this summer? I know its hard! I have been there and have given up many times and re-cut my hair in utter frustration! Here are some tips and pictures to help you endure the growing out phase so you won’t get trapped.

✂Keep hair healthy. Shampooing too often gets rid of natural oils that help keep your hair healthy.

Fantasia Barrino in 2006.Spikes and flips camouflage the shabby appearance of a grown out cut.

✂Conditioner is your BEST FRIEND! Let it sit in for at least 15 minutes everytime you shower, this helps keep your ends from splitting.

Nicki-Minaj at 2011 MTV Awards . Wigs are a style option for growing out a cut.

✂Eat PLENTY of good vitamin rich foods, such as, veggies.Take a daily multivitamin.

MONICA on the red carpet at the 2nd Annual BET Honors. Wear hair slicked down and straight.You will be relying heavily on styling products during the growing out phase.Stock on gels,hair spray,etc.
Selita Ebanks
Janet Jackson

✂Be careful when getting a trim.Find a stylist who understands how to cut a style that’s growing out. They should trim as little as possible to get the length you want FASTER.The trim will keep your hair shaped up (neat looking) and also eliminate split ends.

Raven Symone. Get you a clip in ponytail.Ponytails and updo’s also help you to stay away from the scissors.
Kim Kardashian. Pompaudour updo.This look can be acheived with a clip in ponytail or half a wig.



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