Fly Natural Hairstyles To Try

It takes a confident & creative woman to fully embrace natural hair.You have to love your curls no matter how coarse or kinky.There are so many blogs and information about natural hair these days.However,I still meet woman who are lost on how to manage their natural texture.Here are some popular and easy styles to try.You can do them at home or visit your stylist and have her do you up !

Rod set on relaxed hair that is "transitioning" . Meaning, you are growing out a relaxer instead of cutting it all off. Ends are relaxed but the majority of your hair is natural.




Funky afro puffed updo.This can be done so many ways.With twists (or cornrows) or without.

Chunky,textured afro.Hair can be braided,twisted or rollerset & then picked out.

Bantu Knot-out . Hair is sectioned in small sections & twisted into balls.This is nothing but a wash and set.When hair is dry,balls are unraveled.

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