Braid Care

First of all,I am not a braider.But I get my hair braided about twice a year.Usually during the summer months.I have been asked to do a blog on braids so I am drawing from my own experience.Also, I have talked to several braiders and I have done online research.

Senegalese twists that are curled at the ends.

Caring for braids is just as important as getting the latest style.Make sure that you sleep in a silk or satin scarf  at night to keep your braids neat.

Treat your scalp to an invigorating fingertip massage using scalp oil and sponge the braids themselves with a braid shampoo.Some braided styles should not be washed (such as corkscrew braids), ask your hair braiding stylist.

PLEASE DO NOT KEEP BRAIDS IN FOREVER!It’s unhealthy to keep your braided hairstyle for more than two months (black hair is more suited to keeping in braids for the maximum of two months due to its texture and natural oil levels).When braids  are removed, allow hair to rest first before getting a touch up.


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