How To Rock Natural Hair With Confidence

Ever wonder how some people can pull things off & others can’t?

Wearing natural hair as a Black woman defines true “versatility” and “creativity”!

I also think it’s all about your confidence level & just being true to who YOU are.Don’t try to hard to mimic someone else’s look.Be inspired but make it your own! Everyone’s natural hair texture is not the same.So how you choose to embrace your natural texture will depend on that.

Being natural forces you to be an individual and to be creative.You don’t have the false confidence of leaning on “enhancements”. Anyone can hide behind a wig or weave & feel pretty.

Yous a bad chick though,if you can feel that great with a fro!

Look at the people you respect who seem confident.Don’t copy them, but identify what do they do differently that conveys confidence and what you can learn from it.




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