The Blacker The Kisser

Black lipstick is edgy and gloomy and I LOVE IT!I am so glad that its a trend right now!

Perfect for the fall season.And small town skeptics may think its perfect for HALLOWEEN lol!Maybe people won’t look at me as crazy lol!There is something sexy,erotic and BRAVE about wearing black lipstick.

Photo Courtesy of Strawberry Strands Salon
Photo Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon

So, who does black lipstick look fab on?How can you wear it without looking like you’re ready for halloween?Well, right off the bat if you’re african american you can EASILY pull this off!From my complexion to someone like Alek Wek because it doesn’t make us look washed out. Then again, Alek Wek can pull off just about anything!

Alek Wek

It also helps if your YOUNG!Darker lipsticks age most people, except the young.


If I STILL have not sold you on the hotness of black lipstick,try a deep berry shade.

MAC’s Cunning
Kelly Rowland
Taraji P Henson
Jennifer Hudson

The effect is very similar.If your not brave enough to go black then this look is a lot safer.Its so safe,people in small towns won’t even look at you twice!


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