To Grease Or Not To Grease?

Remember the ritual of sitting between  mama’s knees and getting your scalp greased?

That was the top black haircare rule back then:GREASE YOUR SCALP!

Your hair is what needs moisture, which is why you apply products to it and not  your scalp.If you have a scalp issue then that is different.Petrolatum is usually the main ingredient in traditional hair grease. It doesn’t do anything  but clog your pores,weigh hair down and attract dirt.

Natural oils or essential oils have now replaced  grease. Natural oils are better for you and absorb more easily into your hair.

  • Eucalyptus,Tea Tree,Lavender,Myrrh: Helps to treat dandruff
  • Basil and Peppermint: Promotes hair growth
  • Chamomile: Conditions hair

Most of these oils can be purchased at your local  health food store or online.


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