5 Ways To Make Your Hairstyle Last Longer

5 ways to prolong the life of your do,Relaxed or Natural . . . .

  1. You need to care for your hair before going to sleep to preserve it.

 A cap or bonnet may flatten your hair, so you can either sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase, or choose one of those huge hair bonnets that are roomy enough not to crush your hairstyle.

2.          Don’t put any product on your hair for a few days.

Too much oil sheen,hair spray,etc. attracts dirt & dulls the look of your style. Some of us are in the habit of ALWAYS spraying product on our hair.If you just got it done, leave it alone for a few days.

3.         Cover hair up well when you bathe.

Cover hair with a thick,heavy duty,plastic shower cap. The cheap ones that come in a big pack may not do the job.Especially if you have a lot of hair! Adjust your shower, try lowering it or putting it to an angle so the water won’t spray directly over you.

4.        Protect your hair while cooking.

We often don’t think about our hair while cooking our meals. The steam and grease vapors can effect your hair just like in the shower. Cover your hair with the same silky scarf that you sleep in.

5.      Make sure that your style is completely dry when you get from under the hair dryer.

If hair is not thoroughly dry your style will fall flat too soon.


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