BIG Hare!


It’s a trend that will never fully go out of style.

Volume is the key component that characterizes most big hair styles. Big hair commands attention!

If you don’t like taking a lot of time styling your hair,big hairs not for you. Big hair is high maintenance & time consuming to create.

Tools That Create The Look

✱ Volumizing Cream or Mousse

✱  Large Magnetic Rollers (For Roller Sets)

✱  Hair Spray

✱  Blow Dryer Round Brush (For Blow Outs)

Jill Scott


Tracee Ross

The Technique

Style hair by directing sections straight upwards or backwards from the roots. Build that volume right from the scalp. No matter if your rolling up your hair or getting a blowout. On natural hair, a braid out,bantu knot out,or 2 strand twist out will work. All you need is your mousse or foam when doing the set. Maybe a pick & a little hair spray afterwards.



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