She’s Come Undone

Messy hair is undefined and SEXY! It’s a look that says you’re not taking yourself too seriously,yet you’re still hot.

You also appear to be  more liberated and cool when your hair is not overly coiffed. It’s not as simple and effortless as it’s suppose to look.

Messy Hair 101

          • USING PRODUCT IS VERY IMPORTANT IN CREATING A MESSY LOOK ! Mix equal parts of a shine serum and mousse or gel, and apply lightly to the parts of the hair closest to the head.
          • Make sure that hair is healthy & has shape. A great cut and healthy hair are very important when doing the messy look.
            Layered hair works very well with the chunky styling of the mussed look. The layers add dimension and volume to the sections of styled hair.
You want to look like a pretty mess. Not a HOT MESS lol ! Big difference!

One thought on “She’s Come Undone

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