10 All Time Best Tressed R&B Divas

The hairstyles that woman & girls wear are greatly influenced by female celebrities.In my opinion, recording artist are the most influential. Who hasn’t tried to copy the hair of the r&b artists below!

Mary J Blige
Not only is mary known for how real she is.Or how relate-able her music is. Her hairstyles have been jacked by fans all over since the real love days.

Janet Jackson
Aside from being born into a talented family. Ms. jackson-If-ya-Nasty,is also looked to by fans for hairstyle inspiration.

Beyonce’s hair has been tight since the destiny child’s days. Thanks in part to her hair stylist mother,tina knowles.

Anita Baker

I don’t think the short,sexy cut trend started with halle. Or even toni braxton. Anita was FIRST !!

Aretha Franklin

Aretha is the diva of all divas! Homegirl was wearing add- on hair eons before it became so accessible to us regular folk.

Patti Labelle

Patti wore that big hair well in the 80’s! Even though she’s toned it down a notch,she still has hair swag!

Diana Ross

Diana ross wore many styles in the 60’s. She is best known for her 70s/80s “bush weave”.

Whitney Houston

Whitney has always worn that same shade of chestnut brown weave. There has only been a handful of times that she changed up her color. But it has served her well.

En Vogue

One of the first flat wraps I ever saw was worn by terry ellis & cindy herron.


SOOoooo many girls at my middle school (circa 1992). Had that left eye ponytail with the neon scunci wrapped around it !



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