Natural Hair Products

Natural hair that is styled into an updo. I used QP Elasta hair glaze.Lots of bobby pins. I used marcel irons to form bold curls & humps at the crown. I used Motions oil sheen spray for shine. I used B & B holding spray for hold. IMAGE COURTESY OF STRAWBERRY STRANDS SALON.

Many woman are lost on what to use on their natural hair. I use a little bit of everything. It just depends on the person’s hair & the style they want. Below are some popular natural hair products & the looks you can create.

Eliminate curl shrinkage! Curl Defining Cream is light-weight, all natural product formulated to lengthen and define your natural curl pattern while drying to a soft, shiny, bouncy finish.
Using the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream, your hair can turn out like this. Or it can be curlier. It all just depends on the curl pattern you were born with. All african americans do not have the same curl texture/pattern.
For best results apply CURLING CUSTARD to soaking wet, freshly washed hair.apply CURLING CUSTARD to soaking wet hair in small sections. Smooth each section with fingers from root to tip.
This is what your hair could come out looking like with the custard. but then again this just depends on your hair's texture & curl pattern.
When used correctly this product provides more curl definition, leaves your hair soft, shiny, and it stretches out your curl.

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