Like A Natural Woman

Are you having some difficulty with your natural hair journey? Here are some tips for you natural divas out there!

  • Remember loving the way your hair looked wet as a child? Everyone loves the curl pattern they see when their hair is wet. Lock that it in lightly mist your hair with water before applying styling product.
  • It’s okay to allow  natural hair to dry naturally, but styles last longer and frizz is dramatically reduced when you take the time to sit under the dryer.
  • A satin bonnet or satin pillowcases will help hair to maintain its moisture, and hydrated curls and coils are prettier much longer than dry, parched curls and coils

    Ha! Get em solange !
  • The longer hair is, the more maintenance it needs. Keep dry ends at bay by moisturizing & trimming them regularly. Eat right. Drink plenty water. Limit heat & be gentle with it. Keep it clean with shampoos that will re-moisturize the hair & not strip it.

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