Are You Sabotaging The Health Of Your Hair?

Some woman feel that their hair won’t grow. Usually this is because the hair is not being maintained well. The main woman I hear this from,are the ones I don’t see in the salon very often. Or from those who every time I do see them they have a different style. Tight cornrows this week. A glued in quick weave the next week. Micro braids the week after that.

Poor strands.

I’d fall slam out too.

You’re doing too much! And usually not taking the time to deep conditioning in between styles. One thing that isn’t  neglected to do is a touch up! Lol ! Which is usually not done by a licensed cosmetologist. All these bad styling practices can lead to damaging your hair to the point where it is constantly breaking off. Which then leads to your hair not growing. The best policy is to keep things simple. Which is very hard for some woman to do. As african american woman, we have so many style options. We just want to do them all! Pick and choose your battles. I don’t believe that you can always have it all.

Keep your hair clean.

Eat well.

Drink lots of water.


Develop a relationship with a salon.


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