Girls To Women

Are you embarrassed by photos and memories of yourself growing up? Well join the club! Who isn’t?!

Styles that we loved then, we’re embarrassed and humored by now. Amazing how your tastes change from adolescence to adulthood. Do you see yourself all over again in your kids? I don’t have kids yet,but I can see a little bit of me in my 10yr old niece.

Shanice Wilson,huband (actor,comedian) Flex and family.

When I was 10, my favorite (and only) styling product was gel. Oh I LOVED me some hair gel! That was GOLD back then!

This was my favorite hair gel back in the day! If you used too much it flaked something terrible! Once I hit high school,I graduated to ampro styling gel lol.
Janet Jackson on the show Good Times.

Our tween girls need our guidance about beauty and personal care.  Advise them not to share hair brushes or makeup, especially things used near her eyes or mouth(it spreads germs)!

Tempest Bledsoe
How many of you remember tempest’s 50 million hairstyle phases on the cosby show lol !

Make young women feel comfortable asking questions or raising concerns about menstruating, and teach them which products to use, how often to change them.


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