Are You Having A Senior Moment?

A common customer complaint about salons is, leaving lookin like “grandma”.

A simple wash & set can turn you into aunt esther if:

Your not selecting a style that is right for your hair length.

If you have short to medium hair & choose a curly style that you saw on a long haired person . . .Guess what you will end up looking like lol ???Curls will make anyones hair look shorter than it really is.So if your hair is short to begin with,you’ll end up with a shorter curly style. Which may come off grandma-ish.

The stylist used the wrong roller size.

The smaller the roller,the tighter the curl.

The bigger the roller, the looser the curl.

Pay attention to what rollers are being put into your hair. If you want a style with body & just a bend. The rollers should be big. Red,grey,purple & teal rollers are pretty big. But your hair length also has a lot to do with it too. Tan rollers are fine too if your hair is short to medium length.Avoid, blue,orange & yellow sizes. They are the smaller rollers.


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