2 Beauty Blunders To Avoid

Bad lace front

Sometimes you can have a vision in your head of how dope something is gonna look. But it just doesn’t transcend to reality the way you planned lol. Here are two examples . . . . .


Celebrities have been wearing  lace fronts for decades. This was  to ensure that they always had a good hair day. Lace fronts helped to save time in their hectic and glamorous lives. It was us regular folk that chopped & screwed it up!

A good lace front

Where people go wrong:

  • Unnatural looking hairline. Wig is positioned too high or too low.
  • Exposed glue or other adhesive

    Lashes falling out.
Caked up glue.


These eyelash extensions are getting just as bad as the lace front wigs. I’ve seen women with lashes so long they could barely see. Thats too much. It looks ridiculous to me. Then you have the people that wear them FOREVER. Once lashes start to fall out & glue becomes visible,remove them.

  • Avoid the water for at least two hours after the application of your eyelash extensions.
  • Find out if your cosmetologist has received training in eyelash extension technique. Many programs offer certificates of completion so that you can make sure that your beautician is properly prepared with the techniques that will ensure proper bonding.

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