You Can Do It

Mostly I blog about superficial things like, make up & hair lol ………..

Every now and then I’m in self help mode. I like to be encouraged and encourage others.

If you can think it or dream it. It can be done. It just may not be easy. There’s a difference between being busy and being productive. Here are some tips that help me to stay more productive.

Clear your head. Write down everything that you need to do, all your tasks and projects and ideas. Dump your thoughts on paper.

Eliminate distractions.  Clear your desk of all papers, clear your walls and surrounding areas, and allow yourself to truly focus.

Focus on one task at a time.

Give yourself one project a day.

Stop chatting all day. Anybody can get on facebook and twitter and talk about what they are going to do. You’ve seen the statuses. Usually in all capital letters lol. Just because ” Boss” is in your fb name that don’t make you one. Action does.


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