Beauty Tips For Thrifty Divas

African Americans spend a lot of money on beauty products! I bet you got a “beauty junk drawer” right now that needs cleaning!

Here are some money saving tips:

  • Consult with a hair stylist before you drop lots of money at the beauty supply store. You can also google hair questions or concerns & get product recommendations. Find out what will address your hair issue. Don’t waste money guessing because the package is pretty. Or the product claims to perform a miracle. You may just need a good 10$ trim. Not 30$ worth of  products.
  • Consult with a dermatologist about your flaky scalp. Sometimes what we think is dandruff is something else. You spend a ton of cash to buy products to treat the flakes. How do you know that what your using is really helping? When you don’t know whats causing the problem?
  • Look for multitasking products. There are some products out there that do more than 1 thing. Which also eliminates extra clutter on your bathroom counter.
  • Go to a salon to get your relaxers (aka perms) & color done. It may seem cheaper to do it yourself . But its worth it to pay for a professional job. Eventually you may have to wind up & go to the salon anyway for damage.



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