Should They Have Left Well Enough Alone?

Lil Kim

I remember when hard core dropped. 1996. “Queen Bitch” & “Not Tonite”, were my favorite songs from that album. I never thought kim was a bad looking girl. To me, she looked like 1 of those around the way type chicks. Not the girl next door pretty look. More of the tough sexy homegirl look.

Latoya Jackson

This is latoya after her 1st or 2nd nose job.

My earliest memory of seeing latoya jackson was in the,”Heart Don’t Lie” video. Her nose was just right then. To be honest, I do think she needed rhinoplasty in the first place lol. But I think she should have stopped at the 1st or maybe 2nd procedures.

Patti Labelle

I think patti’s surgical makeover was a lot more subtle. I don’t think her nose was this big though in the, “love,need & want you” days.


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