Grow On Girl!

So many woman are obsessed with hair growth. I think I have done several blogs already pertaining to this topic. Here are some old school tips I have heard here & there. They involve food items they you may have in your kitchen.
Vinegar slows hair loss and promotes new
growth. It also balances the pH of your scalp. It has been shown to thicken hair and remove dead skin cells that can clog follicles and hurt your hair’s ability to grow. Use it as a  rinse after shampooing. Just make sure that you rinse the vinegar out your hair well & use a nice smelling conditioner. Don’t want you smellin like douche.


Heres another smelly concoction: Onions!

 Add minced onion to your shampoo. Let it marinate in your shampoo for a few days. Then use the shampoo regularly. Not only will it accelerate hair growth but it will give your hair shine. Again, rinse your hair WELL after this & use a good smelling conditioner. I’d let that conditioner sit on for a few lol.

Next time you make some potatoe salad, save that water from the potatoes.

Let it cool, and rinse your hair with it. This rinse accelerates hair growth.





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