Never Too Busy

Sometimes when people say that they are, “Too Busy” they’re usually not lol! Nope. . .  Not even you are that important boo lol! People make the time for what they feel is important. And most black women WILL MAKE TIME for their hair! So is it that your broke or just don’t like the job the stylist does?? Whatever your dilemma, don’t run around looking a hotmess! Here are sometime saving styles to duplicate!

ACCESSORIZE ! Dress up a simple pulled together style !


Natural OR relaxed . Accessories are a quick spruce up!


Clip on or drawstring ponytails !
Add on Ponytails or buns are cheap & stylish. So there’s no excuse to look unkempt!
Half wigs or full cap wigs. They have saved the day many times for me! And I truly am THAT BUSY !! Lol !!

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